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guesterly book


With all the ways we have today to connect online, we often forget about the most important connections – those we make at an event with the people seated right across from us.

A new company called guesterly helps event planners and their clients with this all-important detail by enabling them both to easily create a miniature magazine for the event containing images and information on each guest.

guesterly wedding book


Founded by Rachel and Lorne Hoffstetter, guesterly was created to help them introduce friends and family at their own wedding. “This is a new concept in one-of-a-kind magazines for events,” Rachel writes. “We started with weddings — our proprietary software makes it fast and easy to feature every single guest at a wedding — and then moved into family reunions, bat and bar mitzvahs, and corporate events.”

guesterly wedding book

Guesterly allows users to choose a template, and color palette, or opt to use one of the company’s designers, then insert names, photos and fun facts about each guest. The final printed piece can be mailed before the event, or put at each place setting. The booklets are printed on luxury Mohawk paper and start at $5 apiece. The result – an event at which people truly connect – is priceless.


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