Welcome to the New DesignDawgs!

Welcome to the new DesignDawgs! If you've been following DesignDawgs since 2006, first of all Thank You! If you are just joining us, Welcome! It's a place where we can let our ideas run free and find inspiration from each other. It's funny, even today, with all the internet apps and sites, I still have an inspiration board in my office. I keep it there because it's what led me to start DesignDawgs -- only this is a virtual inspiration destination. We s... Read More

Design Basics in Palm Desert

Sometimes, a great event is all about a beautifully prepared and presented dinner. In this instance, a long dining table makes a very unique, elegant configuration. Yet, easy as it sounds, it is not without its challenges, the biggest one being the fact that typical banquet tables are not wide enough to accommodate full place settings situated directly across from one another, PLUS the floral, candles or decor that you'd like to design for the centerpieces. It ... Read More