Zip Your Guests to New Heights

At your next event, soar to great heights... …and venture up to 25’ in the air, well above your event – strap yourself in – and zip away. Designs by Distinctions has raised the bar providing the only zip line permitted to operate in all 50 states. The Superzip, will test your guests' courage, as they line to scale the steps that will lead them with only one way down – zip lining. The Logistics. Short and Quick. Participant will zip ov... Read More

A First Class Envelope Preview Party

By Liese Gardner It’s said (lovingly of course) that people in Los Angeles will come to the opening of an envelope. Certainly, events are the social grease that keeps this town running, yet there are some envelopes that not only Los Angeles, but the world, awaits to be opened. Those envelopes would be those thick, rich red and gold creations that contain the names of the Oscar winners. True confession -- that opening line is courtesy of Marc Friedland who, ... Read More

MOCA MIXER: Locations We Love

By Tom Budas The redesign of the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) Cleveland, built in 1968, was truly a catalyst for creativity and growth in the cosmopolitan Uptown area of Cleveland’s University Circle. Photo: John Owens The award-winning look of MOCA was designed by Farshid Moussavi, an Iranian born architect who makes her home in London. This was her first project in the United States and her first museum. Photo: Dean Kaufman It has quickly attr... Read More

A Wedding that Married High Tech and Romance

By David Merrell There has always been a theatrical element to weddings – the entrance, the introduction of the new couple, the speeches, the details, all coordinated like a Broadway show. For a recent Indian wedding, AOO Events took it one step further, marrying Hindu traditions, cultural design and modern technology to turn a reception into a live production for a contemporary couple and 360 of their guests. Following a ceremony and cocktail hours... Read More

A Branded Event Memento to Flip Over

The flip book -- a turn-of-the-century form of animation -- has been resuscitated through the magic of digital technology. It is now adds entertainment, good old fashioned fun, and creative branding to all type of events from meetings and corporate galas to weddings and social gatherings. Companies such as A Little Scene provide memorable keepsakes for attendees of these events. How does it work? It's simple, and fast. A 10 x 10 mobile studio outfitted... Read More

Using Fashion Trends to Inspire Event Design

By Gavin Rajah Fashion trends are distilled from global social, political and economic climates from around the world. Urban musical murmurs on the street to youth culture in skateboard parks right down to outcomes at the G8 Summit contribute either in a direct or indirect manner to forthcoming trends. Fashion elements such as color, prints, finishes and themes are derived from an ongoing global survey of the various climates around the world. What goes on to... Read More

A Winter Dish

By Andrew Spurgin Let me introduce you to one of my favorite things to eat in winter... Tourte au Chou   When I was in my mid-twenties I had the great privilege to work for a firm called Pirets in San Diego. The owners, George and Piret Munger, were true visionaries. They opened a cookware shop in 1974 that carried high-end French brands like Emile Henry and Le Creuset. They also had a cooking school that regularly hosted such luminaries as Julia Child, Jac... Read More

Anatomy of a Lounge 101

The basic purpose of a lounge is to invite your presence for comfort or intentional interaction. We are all exposed to lounge design every day.  Hotel lobbies, office waiting areas, TV sitcoms, bars and restaurants… the list goes on.  Ever wonder why some lounges are warm, comfortable and inviting… and others are just cold and stale?!  Whether designing an event or a residential setting, the task is still the same – combine functional and decorative... Read More

Design Inspiration from the Sole

By Kylie Carlson, Wedding and Event Institute As wedding planners, designers or stylists we are tasked with being creative, often at the drop of a hat, but we all have times when that inspiration isn’t quite a forthcoming as others. I’m often asked where I get my design inspiration from and I have to say that it really is from all around me. The minute I leave my office to take a walk I open my mind to the things I see around me and can instantly be trans... Read More

Wedding Florals: Out on a Limb

These wedding florals were definitely out on a limb ... a manzanita limb, that is! For this wedding at the Four Seasons Westlake Village, the bride wanted a romantic white wedding. Working with the wedding coordinator, Gilded Events, we created three types of centerpieces. The bride's dress was by Lovella Bridal. The photography is by Wind Productions. This 15-foot manzanita tree was the focal point of the event space. A winter wedding look was created by... Read More