Before and After: Pacific Event Lighting

When event industry professionals are tasked to work on events for their family, it’s certainly an honor, but at the same time it can be a daunting task. This was the case for Marc Weinstock of Pacific Event Lighting when his younger brother got married. He wanted to ensure the event went off flawlessly while respecting the venue and offering a magical look in a large outdoor space, his parent’s backyard.

Pacific Event Lighting

The Pacific Events Lighting Team had to measure and mark the whole party, tables, bars, dance floor, lounge, etc and mark the area with red and yellow flags to know where to hang the chandeliers during the turn over and have them all perfectly situated above each of the above mentioned areas.

Surrounded by tall cypress trees, the backyard did not have any other landscaping. Mark felt in order to create a more intimate setting for the event, it was “imperative that we designed and built something that would give people the immersive and safe feeling of being inside, in order to really allow them to drop their guard and enjoy the full potential of the evening.”

Rigging 900’ of bistro string lights across the yard created the feeling of a ceiling that mixed with the stars at night. A canopy covered the sweetheart table and a curtain of string lights created a romantic backdrop for the newlyweds. A diverse collection of twenty-five chandeliers and clusters of Edison bulbs were strategically placed to float atop guest tables and lounge furniture to offer a more decorative look to the area.

Pacific Event Lighting

PEL’s team planned ahead by pre-marking the positioning of each piece so that they could execute and install everything on schedule. Ninety percent of the event space had to be set-up within an hour-long cocktail reception since the ceremony also taken place in the backyard.

A wireless lighting board saved time and space of running additional cables, while still allowing for the flexibility to change the choreography of the lighting throughout the night. Surrounding LED lights and color washes helped enhance the ambiance of the space with a variety of colors that picked up well on the white linen and furnishings. Marc’s team took full control to adjust the settings whether bright or dim, subtle or flashy for the busy program that included a number of speeches, the couple’s first dance, dancing and a forty-four person flash mob!

Pacific Event Lighting

Pacific Event Lighting












Marc states, “it was really amazing as a lighting designer to be able to constantly adjust the lighting and decor to go with each part of the night. I may be bias, but I have never seen a party, let alone a wedding go off like that before.” We’re sure your brother feels the same!

Pacific Event Lighting

The newlyweds.

Lighting & Audio Video, Marc Weinstock, Pacific Event Lighting
DJ: John Brown, Unite Entertainment
Photography: Brian Leahy
Rentals: Choura Rentals
Event Coordination: Jen Bermark, First Pick Planning
Catering: Pink Taco

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