Before and After: Modern Day Love Letter

“This transformation is truly exquisite. At first I could not believe that the raw space with windows is the same space depicting the finished product. I think the only recognizable item in images from this event is the patterned concrete floor that looks like hardwood, the way that it is lit. Read more about this niche, one of the five created, at the recent Forces of Nature: Color Our World event. It is truly a modern day love letter.” – David Merrell

Forces of Nature: Color Our World brought together top event industry professionals to transform one huge, raw space into a color-inspired playground for the senses. Benefiting Event Pros Take Action, a non-profit to assist individuals and families affected by natural disasters, the event hosted five designers, including Sheila Weiner and The Event Group team, who brought colors to life in their boldly innovative and uniquely beautiful spaces. The Event Group transformed a raw 24′ x 24′ space into a captivating rendition of a modern day love letter, appropriately named “Sealed With A Kiss.” Drawing design inspiration from the color red, The Event Group immersed guests into a world of romance by draping the entire space with statement-making scarlet lamour fabric. To bring depth and warmth into the concrete space, The Event Group laid a beautiful, dark wood-like floor treatment. Antique mirrored tables with champagne gold accents served as the base for the design’s dramatic and lush floral arrangements and elegant hors d’oeuvres while a romantic floral chandelier hung over candlelight in the center of the space. After indulging in a gold-rimmed glass of champagne, guests were invited to hand select one of five pre-printed love letters and personalize their messages with an on-site calligrapher. After closing their letters with a wax seal (imprinted with red lips, of course), guests dropped their love letters into a beautifully floral embellished full-size mailbox to be delivered via post – a lovely end to their journey through the romantically red space.

Modern Day Love

Modern day love

Photos courtesy of Leeann Marie Photography.




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    Missy 23 April, 2016 at 7:28 am - Reply

    When it comes to the greatest love letters ever written, many like to credit those extraordinary intellects of the 12th century, Peter Abelard and his gifted pupil and lover, Heloise. The besotted pair, whose passionate trysts included making love in a corner of the refectory of the convent in which Heloise had been cloistered, were reduced to expressing their affection via written words after Abelard was castrated by Heloise’s enraged uncle (as he recounts to a friend in the aptly titled letter, “Historia calamitatum”).

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