A Wedding Celebration with a Middle Eastern Design

For a pre-wedding celebration,  Event Group Productions in Pittsburgh contracted one of the city’s museums. The objective of the 150-person event was to use specific elements that would highlight the family’s Persian culture with Middle Eastern design. A menu of Iranian food, authentic Iranian music and dancers were all part of the event. Warm colors, fabrics and textures created a Middle Eastern design environment. One challenge was the very modern, and American design of the venue. “To truly accent the family’s Persian culture,” Kate Rekrut, marketing and social media manager, said. “Draping would have to be a key component of the event design. However, on the day of the set up, the manager of the venue had second thoughts about it, despite previous agreements. After much negotiation we were permitted to drape the venue as planned.” As you can see, the effort was well worth it!

Design Dawgs-Persian Wedding Before

Design Dawgs-Hi-Tech Namaste After

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