Before and After: A LUXE Transformation

While special events are always exciting, the pressure to be creative and inspiring can be a bit challenging at times. Transformations like these show that the inspiration flows in so many ways. – David Merrell.

When approaching this raw space our imaginations immediately took off. Our LUXE Creative space transformations take months of planning, hundreds of hours from experienced event professionals who look at every light bulb, flower, object, paint color, fabric and more to make sure the environment is truly inspirational – not just for today, but for always.

“I am constantly challenging myself to view the world differently, searching for beauty + inspiration with every step. Architecture, Fashion, Art, Music, Nature, Culture, Personal Style and even Cuisine are some of the facets that I draw inspiration from. Having spent the last decade traveling the world, working with and learning from so many talented artists + designers, my aesthetic is born from these incredible experiences and individuals. Great American design is built on the interpretations of the journey’s we all take, weaving those experiences together to form the rich tapestry that is American design.” -Martin Potoczny, LUXE Creative CEO and Creative Director


LUXE Transformation

LUXE Creative is a full-service design studio working in the worlds of luxury events, live music, the arts, fashion, marketing + lifestyle design.

Photos courtesy of Boxwood Photography.

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