Los Angeles Fashion Week

Reworking It: Los Angeles Fashion Week

Mere shadows perched on chic furnishings at the VIP lounge at Los Angeles Fashion Week (LAFW) were not some statement on the city and its denizens. They were in fact works of art installed by David Sposato, owner of Rework-D. Although a resident and commercial designer, Sposato was asked by the organizers of LAFW to infuse the event, held at Los Angeles’ iconic Union Station, with just this type of edgy design to connect LAFW to the city and its artists.

Los Angeles Fashion Week

“I wanted to create something that would evoke an emotion or a thought.

Design is about the implication of something, as opposed to a direct reference.”

David Sposato

Los Angeles Fashion WeekThe wire sculptors were one way in which he did this. Another was using Old Hollywood elements and putting a twist on them. “Union Station is Art Deco, but I didn’t want to compete with existing décor,” Sposato said. “I wanted the look of this area to stand alone – a gritty, urban Hollywood with a luxe vibe.


While events are outside the realm of what Sposato does on a daily basis, he enjoyed his time as an event designer and found it afforded him a lot of creative freedom. “There wasn’t too much direction,” he said, “So I could create my own interpretation of a fashion show and its VIP lounge.” To do that he brought in a free-wheeling mixture of gold furnishings, a Great Dane sculpture, gladiolas, and framed art, with more contemporary pieces such as seat belt chairs, log tables and wire mannequins adding to the look.

Los angeles Fashion weekAdmittedly more inclined towards darker looks, Sposato took his own style, and true to his company name, Rework-D it into a fresh take on gothic, without a hint of black.

Lighting: Tristar Electric

Artwork: Jophen Stein

Decor: Phillips Collection

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