Instagram Worlds Worth the Trip

Five Designers to Follow on Instagram

By Liese Gardner

Instagram is a medium for people who live in the visual realm. Here are five World Designers; individuals who create total worlds through the images they post. Their feeds are all worth the trip. The cost of the ticket may be free but there is no skimping on the amenities — creativity, joy of design, and just sheer artistic gluttony. Come along for the ride, won’t you?

jelloet3 (2)


jelloet (2)

Each individual post from photographer Carolina Ines is designed to fit a particular color palette, spatial and geometric design on her thumbnail grid. One image at a time, she creates a world of composition and color that when put together reveal her grand design. Respect.

ds color

ds 2

Design blogger, Grace Bonney’s Designsponge is pure hedonistic pleasure for anyone who loves home design and furnishings. She has an army of Designsponge evangelists who post images with the hashtags #dslettering, or #dscolor which enables this feed to include many different design voices. My favorite posts are the 10-second studio visits of artists from jewelry designers to sculptors. Sop it up!

vinatage weave 2 (2)

vintage weave (2)

And for hedonists who love all things French, this is where “ils vont.” I may not know exactly what I’m saying in my high school French, but I do know that owner and interior designer Kathy Delgado has created a beautiful world that cuts a swath from Malibu (clients), France (scouting trips) and Los Angeles (her shop). From her posts, you’ll see that she’s hands-on and works hard, but like the French, she knows when to stop and pop the Veuve. Fabuleux.

tim2 (2)

tim1 (2)

One just never knows what people do behind closed doors, until they post it on Instagram! Tim Koch, a talented event designer who has worked for years with foam core boards, wields a mean X-Acto knife. With it he creates worlds in miniature, and has had several professional showings of his work.  Affordable Lawn Care (above top) is fun, and the piece “Current Location” (above) is so clever, you can just about hear that Google map pin drop. Sharp.

andrea 2 (2)

andrea3 (3)
Photographer. Wanderer. Culinary Vagabond. Mother. Wife. New Yorker. Forager. Always Hungry. Andrew Gentl’s description says it all. The last two items really cut to the quick … a forager of beautiful images who is always hungry is one who sees the beauty in everything — cats through a screen door, eggs, dying peonies, a child laughing. It’s the world of everyday, yet it becomes precious framed by her insatiable lens. Delicious.

What Instagram “world designers” do you follow?

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