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In a city known for its celebrities, many people come to Los Angeles to experience the historic Hollywood Walk of Fame. However, the Los Angeles Zoo provides its own unique hideaway just a short way from the flashing lights of Hollywood. The animals are its stars, and the plush green botanical gardens are its own attraction.

Guests now have the unique opportunity to enjoy private events at the Los Angeles Zoo. The site boasts five unique venues within its space; Elephant Plaza, Mahale Mountains, Elephant Cambodian Pavilion, Treetops Terrace and the newest location — the Stilt House in the Rainforest of America. With these naturally stunning venues it’s never been easier to take a walk on the wild side.

Let’s take a look behind the scenes (or behind the cages) at the different venues offered at the LA Zoo.

Elephant Plaza

Elephant Plaza is the perfect evening venue at the zoo. With the right lighting, the setting is perfect for impressing the right guests.

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Los Angeles Zoo Design Dawgs

Elephant Plaza provides an open space with a lush backdrop for all events, which would be a great setting to host guests for cocktails, live music and more.

Elephant Plaza Los Angeles Zoo

The Los Angeles Zoo

This Oaktree section of the Elephant Plaza sets the tone for a thrilling dinner. Guests can be entertained the Elephants of Asia as they stroll by in their new habitat. Life-size metal statues introduce guests to the natural history of Asian elephants. The graphics and sculptures that surround Elephant Plaza bare a close association for the Asian elephants to their very similar African cousins.

Mahale Mountains

The Mahale Mountains are an appropriate outdoor venue for wild or tame animal themed birthday parties. Home to several of the zoo’s chimpanzees, everyone can celebrate while learning about the great apes of western and central Africa.

Birthday Parties at the LA Zoo

Design Dawgs Los Angeles Zoo

The Elephant Cambodian Pavilion

The Elephant Cambodian Pavilion provides a setting so unique, guests may feel transported to the tropical rainforests of Costa Rica. The lush green space is the perfect venue to host an engagement party or private brunch.

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The zoo also provides additional entertainment for guests from by their experienced zookeepers as a great way to meet the animals and see them up close and personal.

Treetops Terrace

Welcome to the jungle. Treetops Terrace is the perfect venue for hosting tropical themed events. At night, strategic projection mapping creates an illusion of a disco safari. For birthday parties, Treetops Terrace seats up to 150 people at a rate of $350 for two hours or 151 – 500 people at a rate of $600 for two hours. The space is versatile enough for daytime and evening events.

Safari at the Los Angeles Zoo

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Experienced tour guides are on hand to explain the rich history of the animals and their habitats as an additional way to enhance event guest experiences.

Stilt House in the Rainforest of America

As an ode to the people of Latin America that live in the Amazon rainforest and build their house on tall wooden stilts to prevent flooding, this location is elevated, private and serene. It provides a great setting for private dinners, weddings, bar mitzvahs and more.

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One of the most enticing aspects about attending an event is the opportunity to connect with great people. As an event space, the L.A. Zoo provides an additional element of fun for guests to be able to mingle with some of L.A.’s most exotic residents, our furry friends at the zoo.

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