Table Mapping Technology

Event Tech: Table Mapping Technology with XPL

We have all been following the amazing new technology for digital mapping. It is an awesome way to take guests on a journey and tell a story of the brand. Now THIS is a way I have not seen it used before and this is completely innovative. – David Merrell

If Content is King, Delivery is Queen

by XPL’s Kevin White

The ability to emotionally connect with audiences has become far more difficult in our interconnected world.  As we get ever closer to instantaneous “posting” from the moment we hear or see something we like and want to share, or as we delve deeper and deeper into distraction the second we find ourselves unattached to content, the battle for live audience attention grows ever more.

Table Mapping Technology

An example of an island being projected with XPL’s Table Mapping Technology.

Faced with the event reality of “mobile sharing life”, XPL conceived a fourth wall-breaking concept for a client where content needed to win the evening.  Feats Inc., a nationally recognized leader in communications strategy and events, was looking for powerful tools to tell powerful stories.  The result was simplistically dubbed “table mapping.” Utilizing Feats’ visual content team and collaborating with Quince Imaging on hardware, we took concepts that have been around – projection mapping, table effects – and utilized them as a personal, up-close storytelling technique.

The main drivers of a table map are the projection system and layered surface.  It utilizes project ors above each table and a dome centerpiece.  The entire table becomes a multi-dimensional screen from which mood, style, content and emotion can be set. No longer was the messaging limited to the stage.  Content was not simply shown in 2D around the room.  The team got in between each guest.  We came to their personal space.  We gave shape to the stories and we broadened the canvas upon which to emotionally connect.

While this design greatly impacted audio, lighting, décor and catering, everyone could not have been happier with the visual impact this system had on the audience.  You could show them great detail.  You could talk to them literally face to face live.  You could give texture and movement to a story not often allowed by flat screen surfaces.   But best of all, you reached the audience in the place where they are known to hide.  The table.  It was a victory of story over distraction.

Table Mapping Technology

Example: Plain

Table Mapping Technology

Example: Pattern

Table Mapping Technology

Example: R2D2

Table Mapping Technology

Example: Google Earth

See more highlights from XPL’s Table Mapping technology in the video below:

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