Design Basics in Palm Desert

Sometimes, a great event is all about a beautifully prepared and presented dinner. In this instance, a long dining table makes a very unique, elegant configuration. Yet, easy as it sounds, it is not without its challenges, the biggest one being the fact that typical banquet tables are not wide enough to accommodate full place settings situated directly across from one another, PLUS the floral, candles or decor that you’d like to design for the centerpieces. It became all about sticking to the design basics in Palm Desert.
At an intimated VIP gathering, my team and I at AOO Events found a solution to this challenge by putting two standard banquet tables together and building a white padded leather riser for the middle. With the floral in place, the riser gave the table a very unique, custom look while still allowing enough room for a full place setting.
design basics in palm desert
And, for a client who wanted a lower centerpiece, we took two schoolroom banquet tables (less wide than a regular banquet table) and pushed them flush against a custom-build center “island” that rose from the floor.
design basics in palm desert
However, if the budget — or the timing — doesn’t allow for a custom-raised center area, the same design can be accomplished by placing a schoolroom table in the center of two others then cutting 3/4-inch PVC pipe into 1-1/2-inch lengths and adding these to the table’s legs to raise it. Cover the table with a beautiful cloth and add your floral design and you will achieve the same effect.
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