Design Inspiration from the Sole

By Kylie Carlson, Wedding and Event Institute

As wedding planners, designers or stylists we are tasked with being creative, often at the drop of a hat, but we all have times when that inspiration isn’t quite a forthcoming as others.

I’m often asked where I get my design inspiration from and I have to say that it really is from all around me. The minute I leave my office to take a walk I open my mind to the things I see around me and can instantly be transported into a different world.

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Within our courses at the Wedding and Event Institute we talk to our students about different things they can do to help get their creative juices flowing and one of those areas we delve into is travel.

Visiting other countries is where I get my biggest stimulation. The fact that the language is one I don’t speak, the architecture of the buildings around me is different, and the overall culture from the dining experience to the forms of transport is alien to me really stirs something within me. Just looking in a shop window down a cobbled street can be inspiring.

On a recent trip to Bruges I allowed myself to become enveloped in the history of the place, drinking in the architecture around me that had stood there for centuries. The people of Belgium I found were much like the Parisians in their style and chicness. The displays in the shops were indeed a work of art and one shoe shop in particular really drew me in, so much so that I stopped to take photos in the store. Taking it one step further I allowed my mind to start designing a wedding and used this inspiration board as my starting point.

The focal point of the shop was a rose covered wall, not something I’m used to seeing in a shoe shop, but it was stunning and I could immediately see how this could be incorporated into the design of a wedding. With the trend of alternative backdrops at wedding ceremonies I could envisage how the rose wall could be incorporated and an integral part of the ceremony.

The white chandelier hanging from the ceiling complemented the rose wall, and again could be another décor item that would work well within the wedding design. The shoe table display in the center had become the buffet display in my mind and the red boot symbolized the color of the bride’s shoes.

As you can see there is nothing in that shop screaming weddings, but as I allowed my mind to wander the entire shop become like a candy store for my mind. The shop was my inspiration and from there I started to design the wedding in my mind.

Never close your mind to what is around you as this will always be your biggest inspiration. Don’t try too hard to look for it and you’ll be surprised how easily it finds you.

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