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Culinary Forecast 2016: 5 Yummy Ideas

Look up “food trends 2016” on Google and you will find a lot about brand agnostic customers, bioregions, mobile technology, micro stores, and more. While these are all important trends to the retailers they certainly aren’t appetizing! For 2016 I give you five yummy trends in my culinary forecast. You’re welcome!

  1. Bacon no longer reigns supreme. The early part of the 21st century will long be remembered for its voracious bacon mania. While we can’t deny that bacon is delicious, you’re less likely to see “bacon aioli dipped bacon bombs covered in a bacon reduction” this season. But fear not! See #2
cullinary forecast

Feastivities Pork Belly BLT

2. Bacon may be on the way out, but other smoked foods are on the way in. Whether a lightly smoked ling cod served with clams and a smoked dashi broth, or a tea smoked duck breast, unique and interesting methods of smoking meat, fish and vegetables are on the rise.

culinary forecast

Feastivities Vegan Platter

3. Lentils and peas galore. It’s important to remember that you are not limited to potatoes, polenta and pasta to give your guests a carb side. Lentils of all types can be prepared in sophisticated and delicious ways that will give diners a boost of protein and keep their bellies fuller for longer without a carb crash.

4. Late night bites will continue in 2016 however, you may not see a food truck. Couples want to keep their guests on the dance floor instead of scurrying outside.

culinary forecast

Feastivities Fish ‘n Chips

5. However, you can expect to find chef carts around the dance floor with easy pick-up food such as Macadamia and Dried Cherry Popcorn, Fish ‘n Chips, basil-infused milk shakes with warm chocolate chip cookies off the griddle or the classic s’more with the twist of the month.

So when you think food trends 2016, feel free to ponder brand agnosticism while tucking into a plate of chicken etouffee in dried verbena and curry leaves.

Top Photo: Feastivities Lump Crab Johnny Cake

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