Content Marketing Through Live Events

Just how fast is a Lamborghini? A live event answers that question and creates a larger dialogue

By Wolfgang Allenstrasser

Consumers no longer want one-way communication from their brands; they want dialogue. Recommendations and reviews now trigger purchase decisions. How can this translate to capturing corporate business for live events? The obvious answer is live encounters and the Internet, other wise known as “live marketing” or “hybrid events.” Content marketing through live events provides enormous depth of contact while the use of mobile apps, social medial and location-based services offer a vast reach.

Today, 74% of the events we produce at Vok Dams contain hybrid elements. But how will this trend evolve? Brief snapshots of current socio-cultural trends are telling. Since 1956 word-of-mouth is the most effective marketing tool ever. But marketing has come a long way since then as going to will show. And, the digital revolution makes recommendations more important than ever. Look at how Amazon, Yelp and hundreds of other online sellers use reviews.

Then there’s “story appetite.” Stories are a means of social education for all. Since 2011 when content marketing entered the marketing agenda, the focus on content has often pushed aside the fact that people only like content when it offers them some kind of added value, when it is actually relevant for them. Moreover, the more “beautifully wrapped” these content-stories are, the more likely it becomes that they will be retold and shared.

Content marketing through live events thus defined simply means: find a good story and spread its word.

Live Campaign Case Study – Lamborghini Aventador Roadster Launch

So let’s get right to it with this look at a spectacular launch of the Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 Roadster in Miami. We gave it the tagline of “fastest city takeover ever.” The question: Just how fast is a Lamborghini?” was answered, as well as the question: And how fast will everyone know?


The event was conceived and designed in such a way as to both define and at the same time shape the communication channels of the relevant target groups.

Just as its motto demonstrates this was indeed how the new Lamborghini was presented in Miami to the more than 400 dealers and lifestyle and automobile journalists. Kick-off of the two-month-long activities was the official presentation on Ocean Drive, the boulevard of the American automobile elite.


With a test drive parade through town, the new roadster attracted the attention of several thousand onlookers and became the talk-of-town. On one of the busiest airports in the U.S., Miami’s International Airport, a high-speed duel in a class of its own was launched.

On the runway, several Lamborghini Aventador Roadsters raced in front of a Boeing 777. In this extreme demonstration of performance, the new sports car demonstrated its extreme power and sportiness. And it was in this way the event generated content for all communication channels.

These ensuing activities with a high presence turned the press and dealer launch into a PR-spectacle, which went around the world. The event drew more and more Lamborghini fans and paparazzi into town each day. The strong presence of the brand and of the new roadster in the region and in the local and international media furthermore ensured that Lamborghini’s fashion and merchandise collection, which was offered in a pop-up store erected especially for the duration of the event, literally flew off the shelves.

Live Campaigns

A recap of this trend reveals why content marketing through live events works.

• Every message is a potential campaign.
• Every brand wants to be a love brand.
• Every communication step has to be consistent with and promote the overall concept.
• Every story has to be credible.

Hybrid events especially are able to integrate other media channels such as TV, print or PR into marketing communication. The event is no longer one mere communication channel among others. But it generates content for all relevant channels of the target group. The event moves into the core of the overall marketing campaign. Events become the epicenter of a new communication form for brands and products – the campaign becomes a “live campaign.”

Of course, events being implemented now contain live campaign elements or have potential to become a live campaign. In fact, some 50% of the Top 10 Campaigns of the Year named by the German industry magazine Horizont, contained live elements in the center of their campaigns.

Successful content marketing is driven by live-marketing. The Hybrid Event becomes the motor of Live Campaigns. The client message is holistic, permanent and with added value. In short, live campaigns are the new mega-trend for the events industry and beyond.

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Wolfgang Allenstrasser

Director at Vok Dams
Wolfgang Allenstrasser is the Director of VOK DAMS Institut for Live-Marketing located in Wuppertal, Germany. VOK DAMS has been on the forefront of live marketing since its founder, Vok Dams, established the company in 1975. A multiple-award-winning agency, the company has a long list of multinational clients. VOK DAMS has 200 industry specialists working around the globe to deliver campaigns and has produced more than 3,500 projects. Wolfgang Allenstrasser may be reached at

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