Charity Events: Creating a Lifestyle of Giving Back

For event professionals, charity begins at work

By David E. Merrell

Almost everyone today is a supporter of some charity, whether it is by simply wearing a pink ribbon, or fully becoming active for a cause. It’s a personal choice we make. For event professionals, charitable involvement can be a way  to expand our wings and alight on a larger playing field.


I would go so far as to say that for AOO Events, charity events enabled us to  become a live show production company. Working for charitable organizations, such as the Dream Foundation whose 2014 event is featured here, we were able to showcase our work on a more prominent platform which  included celebrity and large corporate exposure.


And there is much to learn along the way. Because these events are always conscious of budget, they also offer the great educational opportunity that comes with having to make hard decisions, being innovative, and listening very carefully to the client’s needs. Yet in writing those words, I realize that the objectives of both a charity and a corporation are very similar.

Both entities have a level of responsibility that must be maintained publicly when producing an event.  And while  charities may be under more public scrutiny, with a proper “cost of fundraising” that they must maintain to keep their charitable status, corporations are typically under the scrutiny of their stock holders.


For both types of events,  there is a level of business decorum that must be maintained when going through the process of conceiving the event AND especially in the “final product” through the production itself.  Excess for both these days is taboo And money spent must be purposeful and have a return on investment.

For me, charity events differ  on a more personal level.  It’s key that  the event producer recognize that that this partnership, one that exists to help  create a certain lifestyle image that holds true to that charity’s cause.




Dream Foundation is just one of many wonderful groups helping others. Individually, we do it every day. In this global world, in which our actions affect one another, charity is certainly a way of life. And, for event professionals, we are so lucky to be able to make it a way of work as well.

The Dream Foundation is the first and largest national wish-granting organization for adults. The organization fulfills thousands of dreams across the country each year. It’s Annual Celebration of Dreams Gala is historically held at the Bacara Resort & Spa in Santa Barbara, California, is both a fund-raiser and a celebration that honors the impact of the many dreams it has made come true.

Click here to support the Dream Foundation and its Dreamers.

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David E. Merrell

In addition to being the founder of DesignDawgs, David Merrell is the Owner and Creative Director of AOO Events. His name has become synonymous with cutting-edge event design for live and staged productions. David is a sought-after producer with a growing list of Fortune 500 and international corporations for product launches, corporate events, celebrity-attended fundraisers as well as intimate weddings.

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