Ten Questions with Andrew Spurgin

Event designers have a special way of thinking. We’re interested in exploring what those thoughts look like. In doing so, we’re kicking off our Ten Questions series with event industry veteran and restaurant consultant Andrew Spurgin. 1. What’s the most important item to have at an event? A clear and focused head. 2. What’s your […]

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An Artful Antipasto Display

Inspired by the colorful walls at Wynwood, an art complex in Miami, the culinary team of A Joy Wallace Catering & Events created this unique antipasto display. A galvanized bar was used to showcase this abundant antipasto display complete with concrete blocks displaying rich rustic breads and natural greens. Metal brick risers displayed food items […]

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summer dessert

A Perfect Summer Dessert

Panna cotta is one of the all-time perfect summer desserts. Simple and fresh and … in the hands of the Robin Selden, Managing Partner and Executive Chef of Marcia Selden Catering & Event Planning in Stamford, Connecticut … simply stunning! “Our recipe for lemon panna cotta with minted berry soup is one of my all-time […]

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the masters dinner

Thomas Caterers: The Masters Dinner

This is the latest in our Designer’s Notebooks series in which designers turn back the pages of their “notebooks” to revisit their favorite events, or in this case, their award-worthy events. At Catersource in March, Thomas Caterers of Distinction took home the ICA CATIE award for Signature Caterer for Best Event. Photos by Kristin Hornberger […]

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Catering in China: A Great Tale from the Great Wall

Our Designer’s Notebook series continues with an event profile by Debra Lykkemark from Culinary Capers Catering, Beijing In a spectacular setting on the Great Wall of China, vibrant street food stalls served up tastes of China for a group of almost 1,000 guests from 65 countries, all executives of a worldwide corporation. The colorful market […]

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Cake Design: Granules of Sweet Inspiration

Frost in Translation By Andrea Boudewijn Although bakers are designing on a smaller scale, the process for coming up with unique and beautiful cakes is not that different from how event planners or interior designers approach design on a large scale. Of course other cakes influence us some, as does fashion, nature, and architecture, but […]

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Cool as Cauliflower Soup

Get your creative vegetable juices flowing with soup By Andrew Spurgin We all live in a go-go world. As such, often you just either don’t feel like making dinner, or just wish you could pop one out in a few minutes. Enter soup, yes soup! No, clearly I’m not talking about some long and involved […]

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