Design Ideas from a Birthday Party 50 Years in the Making

When event designer Joe Mineo, owner of Something New Events in Ohio,  throws himself a birthday party it garners attention. Beginning with the invitation, the message was clear: This was going to be a serious party that wouldn’t take itself so seriously.


Wax seals add an unexpected accent to envelopes. Mineo’s team found theirs at And a custom stamp set the tone before the envelope was even opened.



Using inspiration from a shopping day in New York city, Mineo took classic prints mixed with “Palm Beach” geometrics and used them as the theme of the design. Mineo, a classic and hip 50, found it fun to turn his event into the same by taking a classic look and adding a hip spin to it.



Using custom pieces for design made the event stand out. The vessels and centerpieces were all designed by Mineo and custom built by his prep team for this event. Even the purchased vases used for the large greenery received a touch of customization.

coffee tables_resize - Copy


The coffee tables were conceived by Mineo to be beautiful but functional. An aluminum cap was custom designed to cover two Ikea end tables ($12.99 each!). A pattern of swirls was buffed into the aluminum surface adding texture, as well as making the tables more resistant to water marks.

food_resize - Copy

The food stations were accented with custom menu frames that let guests know what foods were being served at each. Improvisation is always key and at the last minute, Mineo realized that the aluminum arches needed something more so he added the Monstero leaves on either corner.


print-1_resize - Copy


Pillars (seen at the right) were foam core covered with wrapping paper; a brilliant disguise for what was previously a “neutral” pillar. Mineo also used the wrapping paper to create a cap to the pipe and drape. This was an easy installation using pew clips.



The night featured many spectacular surprises that wowed not only the guests but the host as well. From a professional dance number set to “Working Day and Night,” a photo opp complete with multiple “Joes,” to a long-time employee pulling off a drag surprise, the night was a complete success. This was a perfect fit for a guy who has worked so hard over 50 years to be just that!

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