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LOOK2015 had guests looking twice at this amazing before and after design transformation. The fundraiser for the Centennial Planetarium was a collaboration between Boom Goes the Drum, an event production team in Calgary, and Contemporary Calgary, a modern art gallery. The objective was to both elegantly and provocatively expose the 700-plus guests to a wide range of modern art and artists, and create an experience that mimicked the on-the-pulse nature of the artistic work it displayed.

As they entered, well-heeled attendees strode past stone walls soaked in richly colored lighting, and across a pink carpet into the  planetarium where they were met with a visual smorgasbord. The building, which had sat vacant for years, had been transformed from its cement walls and ’90s color theme to a modern, industrial-chic art party, with incandescent lighting and architectural up-lighting that made the entire structure pop with vibrancy.

As guests moved throughout the space, stunning interactive installations by local artists met the crowds with delicious surprise; Tia Halliday’s “Under the skin of a painting” featured inspired installations of dancers stuck in a web of ever-shifting elastics, and caught beneath “canvases,” twisting and stretching under the fabric. Randy Niessen’s string installation climbed the Centennial Planetarium’s majestic winding staircase, lit from beneath with cool white tones that played over the strings with elegance.

An architectural gem, the Centennial Planetarium will soon be Contemporary Calgary’s new home, and re-named The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. The organization anticipates officially welcoming the public into a preliminary pop-up space called “Temporary Contemporary” in their new venue in the fall of 2016.

No matter what name, or under what guise, we are sure they will continue to get people to LOOK!


[caption id="attachment_6738" align="aligncenter" width="830"]2 Leblond Studio Event Photography[/caption]

After photo: Leblond Studio Event Photography


[caption id="attachment_6740" align="aligncenter" width="830"]4 Leblond Studio Event Photography[/caption]

After photo: Leblond Studio Event Photography


[caption id="attachment_6742" align="aligncenter" width="830"]6 Kelly Hofer Photography[/caption]

After photo: Kelly Hofer Photography


[caption id="attachment_6744" align="aligncenter" width="830"]8 Kelly Hofer Photography[/caption]

After Photo: Kelly Hofer Photography

The Team!

The Team! Photo: Kelly Hofer Photography


All “before” images: Boom Goes the Drum

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