AFR and Social Tables Team Up

It all adds up: AFR Event Furnishings + Social Tables = benefits for designers and planners!

AFR® is staying ahead in a competitive field by finding ways to integrate new event technologies to help their clients streamline the event planning process.

Social Tables Event Rendering

An example of a Social Tables event rendering with AFR furnishings.

The company’s latest effort is a collaboration that pairs AFR’s® extensive event furnishing inventory with Social Tables’ award-winning, web-based event diagramming solution. To do this, AFR provided Social Tables with 3-D models for more than 250 pieces of its furnishings to create an extensive library. Social Table users can access and use the furniture resource in their space planning and design efforts, shortening and simplifying the work involved in creating custom event floor plans.


A 3D rendering with AFR furnishings

Additional benefits include the ability to plan a space to scale, update diagrams in real-time, and provide clients with realistic renderings of their event.


Another view of the 3D rendering

Partnering with Social Tables also enables AFR clients to increase their revenue and productivity through time-saving techniques. Additionally, being able to provide this event technology to their own clients sets them apart from their competitors.


A specific view.

The responses from those taking advantage of the AFR 3-D Furniture Library have been enthusiastic.

“Thank you! We use Social Tables, and I just had the time of my life playing with your furniture in our space.”
Mabel Ramonas, Senior Catering and Conference Service Manager, Thompson Miami Beach, A Thompson Hotel

“I am an avid user of Social Tables and the recent addition of the AFR inventory has been a lifesaver. The ability to play with different styles of furniture while mixing in elements that are out of the norm for a typical grouping has been very helpful. Giving clients the opportunity to see 3-D imaging of the different elements within a room has also been a great tool in closing business.”
Brianne Daley, Creative Manager, Access Destination Services

“I have used Social Tables for floor plans with AFR® Event Furnishings and found it very helpful. The best part is that AFR’s furnishings were listed in the template so that I could select the furnishings and place them on my floor plan. We were also able to map things out live, so we were on the same page about the layouts. The 3-D renderings were incredible!”
Eva Lau, Director of Product Development, Mana, Allison & Associates, Inc.

By staying focused on customer needs, and creating this partnership, AFR Event Furnishings has:
1. Provided a tool that makes its clients’ job easier;
2. Delivered a beneficial advantage that saves time and money;
3. Given its clients the competitive edge.

In the fast-paced business environment where every minute counts, innovation, collaboration, and technology make great partners, just like AFR and Social Tables!

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