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DesignDawgs gives readers the information they need to succeed. DesignDawgs is the place where industry professionals turn when they need fresh, new ideas for event and meeting design.

DesignDawgs features…
Industry information from guest bloggers around the country and the world
Inspiration for your events and lifestyle
Exciting new resources
The latest trends and design ideas

DesignDawgs is the leader of the pack when it comes to the latest in event and lifestyle inspiration.

A lively and informative flow of content contributed by industry experts and trend leaders is published weekly. So readers always have something new to learn, read and enjoy. DesignDawgs content categories include Design, Weddings, Food+Beverage, Venues and Lifestyle.

The intent of DesignDawgs is to create a site that engages and educates readers fostering a dialogue across and between segments of the industry. Additionally, input from lifestyle leaders such as fashion, home furnishings and arts and architecture delves into those areas were event and lifestyle intersection, bringing the discussion to a wider audience on a daily basis.

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