A Wedding that Married High Tech and Romance

By David Merrell

There has always been a theatrical element to weddings – the entrance, the introduction of the new couple, the speeches, the details, all coordinated like a Broadway show. For a recent Indian wedding, AOO Events took it one step further, marrying Hindu traditions, cultural design and modern technology to turn a reception into a live production for a contemporary couple and 360 of their guests.

AOO Events Indian wedding

Following a ceremony and cocktail hours, guests were led into a ballroom that featured a custom-built set piece of an Indian arch finished in gold leafing. During the next few hours, guests would experience digital mapping, video projection, music, lighting, sound effects and scenery as well as 12 digitally-mapped scenes told on Damask frames that would relate the story of the couple and their families.

AOO Events

At the beginning of the show guests watched as the wallpaper morphed into a custom Louis Vuitton pattern around the couple’s initials, their signature logo for the evening. The frames or “windows” then began a video stream of the New York skyline.

At that point, a hidden fog wall inside the arch was activated and the couple’s initials appeared upon it. Cue the three-minute tribute video of the past days’ events using all the screens, ultimately directing the audience’s attention on the arch. As they watched, the couple appeared through the fog and onto the set to appreciative applause.

AOO Events Indian wedding

The screens set around the room were then used for to display 12 different scenes. At times they screens various wallpaper looks such as glowing Indian lanterns during a speech by the couple’s family, and other times, they displayed hand-selected scenes for special moments. For instance, during the father-daughter and mother-son dances, the walls were projected with paisley patterns and images of a baby elephant in one screen uniting with its mother on another created a touching moment.

When we hear technology we instantly think of something cold or mechanical, something that wouldn’t normally make sense at a wedding where culture and traditions were very important. And certainly, it’s important not to use technology just for the sake of it. Yet, in this case, I believe it worked with the objective to amplify the couples’ story, adding warmth and depth to an occasion at which those two elements are as essential as they are to any marriage.


• Technology, when used mindfully with the event’s objective, can add depth
• Storytelling is a part of weddings, especially Indian weddings. Finding a new technique to do this can make an event come alive
• Understanding the client’s design sensibility is key to this type of technology. We used a private Pinterest board to enable the family to post patterns, images and colors that appealed to them giving us greater insight into how to reflect their personalities.

Note: This article first appeared on Event-Solutions.com

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    Tamera Schulz 19 March, 2014 at 11:14 am - Reply

    Very impressive and coming from Dave I am not surprised ! Always a visionary! I especially love the fog wall Grand Entrance.

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