A South African Wedding Anniversary

By Vicky Crease

At Vicky Crease Catering + Events, we see food the same way we see everything we do – another opportunity to give someone an unforgettable experience.

We do this by putting in as much design toward our plating as we do flavor to our food and extravagance to our décor.

Vaal river

This 20th wedding anniversary for our fabulous clients was hosted at their house on the Vaal River in April 2014, which encompassed an al fresco chic and extravagant atmosphere.


Our client’s love for Ferrero Rocher chocolates found us building a Ferrero Rocher tower that will never be forgotten by our clients or their guests on such a special day.


Guest arrivals were no less extravagant, with a gorgeous wheel of parmesan being chiseled piece by piece by the chefs for each guest to enjoy with fresh figs and grapes and freshly baked crispy breads.


One of the courses was a delicious duo of soup – a creamy butternut, apple and ginger soup with roasted butternut cubes and a chilled avocado and yoghurt soup decorated with sweet melon ball pops served side by side in shot glasses.


A gorgeous menu was the way to bring a function such as this together. A five-course menu specifically designed for the day began with freshly baked breads and ended with wickedly chocolate ganache brownies topped with a rich dark chocolate swirl.

What to do with fabulous clients and their guests — my answer is always the same: Spoil them!!

Photos: Vicky Crease


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As founder of Vicky Crease Catering in Johannesburg, South Africa, Vicky Crease has a long list of achievements. In addition to working with clients such as Nelson Mandela, SA President Jacob Zuma, SA President Thabo Mbeki, Prince Harry, Elton John and more, Vicky has won numerous awards including: ACE Award (Achievement in Catering Excellence) International Category, 2010, Catersource USA; 5 International Catering Excellence Awards (CATIE) USA 2009-2010; Caterer of the Year 2010, finalist , Event-Solutions USA; Lyceum Certificate of Excellence Award in the Catering Field, 2010; Businesswomen of the Year, finalist, Greek Chamber of Commerce,1995; Best Party of the Year 2005-Standard Bank, Walter Batiss Event and Best Party of the Year 2007-Launch of Cartier in SA, Sunday Times. Striving for excellence she is also a member of the International Caterers Association (USA).

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