A Laser Focus on Design at Surface Grooves

By Ashley Allen

Ryan and Elissa Blumstein, newlyweds and business partners, not only married each other, but also their passions when they founded Surface Grooves.

Ryan, having worked in event production, and Elissa, having experience in architecture, found that often times there was a huge disconnect between the design process and the end consumer. They created their company in hopes of reversing that by fabricating custom furniture, decor, art, and light displays for a variety of clientele. Each design carefully considers how, where, and by whom it will be used, resulting in stunning and unique pieces.

The pieces range from laser-cut lighted signs, to eight-foot-tall lighted towers with corporate branding, to hand-crafted bowls for food arrangements.

Surface Groove 1

A lighted box clearly spells out this event’s brand.


At the Catersource-Event Solutions 2014 Conference’s Monday night event, The Muse.

Surface Groove

“We spend a lot of time drawing patterns and thinking about how we could work them into different objects, lighting, or wall panels in different scales” – Elissa

Most of these fabrications have been used for large corporate events as a way to transform spaces and enhance the guest experience. However, the couple has also found that weddings and other small events are equally interested in finding ways to make their celebrations memorable. Because of that, smaller but equally as striking pieces have been created such as those pictured below.

Surface Groove 2

A lighted guest board for a Bat Mitzvah celebration, before.

Surface Groove 1

The same board, after.

Surface Groove 3

A save-the-date card made of wood that was engraved and burned for effect.

With their artistic creations, the Blumsteins are definitely mining well below the surface to redefine many traditional design elements, and find a groove all their own.

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    Ryan Blumstein 5 May, 2014 at 11:53 am - Reply

    Thanks for reading our story! Have you designed any custom pieces for your clients lately? Share your experiences!

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