A Branded Event Memento to Flip Over

The flip book — a turn-of-the-century form of animation — has been resuscitated through the magic of digital technology. It is now adds entertainment, good old fashioned fun, and creative branding to all type of events from meetings and corporate galas to weddings and social gatherings.

Companies such as A Little Scene provide memorable keepsakes for attendees of these events.

How does it work? It’s simple, and fast.

A 10 x 10 mobile studio outfitted with a video camera and backdrop of your choice or a custom backdrop, such as the one below, is set up at your event.


Guests stand, dance, chat, act silly in front of the camera with or without props while a short video is taken.

After the guests view the video to be sure they are happy with it, it’s then printed, cut and collated and bound into a small book as they watch.

A branded cover is added with the event logo and message, and voila! A fun flip book that serves as a clever memento of the event.

A Little Scene Flip Books Introduction from A Little Scene on Vimeo.

We think you’ll agree that this is one dawg treat not to be buried and forgotten!

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